Who is eligible to participate? 
Each individual or team that participates in the #NASFATBUILD ("Participant") must:
1. Be a Muslim adult at least 18 years' old who is legally able to enter into a contract and owns an idea or a solution;
2. or be composed of a team of talents who are co-owners or co-sponsors of an idea or a solution, of which one of them must be a Muslim.
3. Have an idea or solution, working prototype of the idea or solution or a fully built solution
4. be a Nigerian
5. Operate a valid bank account (winnings would be paid into the given bank account, NASFAT will not bear the responsibility of splitting winnings between participants that enter as a team.)

N.B: NASFAT will not be responsible for travel, accommodation, entertainment, technology provisioning and for any costs and expenses in connection with your participation in the NASFATBUILD competition.